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Standard terms and conditions

Section 1: Subject-matter of the Agreement

1 The client commissions JET SET PROMOTION (company), to provide personnel for a specified period.


2 The Company undertakes to provide the Client with personnel for the period of time requested. The Company will pass on to the relevant personnel any special requirements of the Client, such as clothing, working hours, working venue etc., and undertakes to ensure by way of contractual agreement with the person(s) concerned that all relevant facts and circumstances are known.


3 The Company exclusively undertakes to perform the agency service described in Section 1, Paragraph (1) above. Any change in the job profile of an ongoing assignment is not covered by this Agreement but is, where necessary, subject to separate agreement with the person concemed. The remuneration obligation pursuant to Section 2 shall remain unaffected by any such divergent agreement.


4 Should the Client require one or more persons over and above the terms of this Agreement, separate agreements must be concluded in each case. The respective person(s) shall not be regarded as member(s) of a group but shall carry out work individually in line with the requirement profile specified in Section 1, Paragraph (1) above.


Section 2: Term of Agreement / Termination

1 Each assignment is limited in time. These time periods shall be stipulated in the cost quotation and confirmation of assignment. Termination of an assignment in progress is precluded, except in the case of termination for cause.


2 The assignment can be split into full or half days. One accounting day constitutes 9 hours working time where break arrangements (minimum of 30 minutes) must be coordinated with the person concerned. A half accounting day is 4.5 hours working time where break arrangements must similarly be coordinated with the person concerned.


3 In the event that a person’s work input is required on any given day for more than 9 hours, a supplemental agreement must be made with the Company allowing for the terms of Section 2, Paragraph 1 above.


4 Notwithstanding the above, the Client has the option of concluding a proprietary agreement with the person introduced. In any such case, the Client undertakes not to compensate the person with any less than the remuneration agreed under Section 3. Account shall be rendered through the Company pursuant to the terms set out in Section 3.


5 The Client undertakes to notify the Company of any and all individual agreements made with persons already introduced. Should any less remuneration than stipulated under Section 3 be agreed in an individual agreement with the person concemed, this shall incur a contractual penalty equivalent to three times the respective person’s daily fee.


Section 3: Remuneration

1 Once the Agreement has been signed, the Company shall submit a due and proper invoice to the Client; the invoice amount is immediately due for payment upon receipt.


2 The right to claim rescission of contract shall be precluded for both parties. In detail the following forms of cancallation are effective: in case of cancallation of the ordered staff after the completion of agreement the contractor is entitled to charge 30 % of the cancalled contract value, 50 % up to 14 days before the event starts, 80 % op to 7 days and 100 % 3 days or less before.


3 Remuneration of the person introduced is made exclusively through the Company. The Client is not entitled to make any advance or other payments directly to the person(s) concemed.

This also applies to the provisions of Section 2, Paragraph (4) above.


Section 4: Liability

The Company accepts no liability for damages resulting from the performance of work by persons it introduces. Jet Set Promotion is not liable on its merits for damage caused by the gross negligence of persons employed in the performance of its obligations. This applies also to all damages which said persons cause to objects on or with which they perform their duties. In the case of persons commissioned to perform duties involving money, such as cashier or the safe custody and transportation of cash, valuables, securities etc. as well as the effecting of payment transactions, the Company cannot be held liable in any way whatsoever.


Section 5: Miscellaneous

1 Subsidiary covenants or amendments to this Agreement must be made in writing in order to become legally effective. This similarly applies to any change and/or waiver of the written form requirement. There are no verbal understandings to this Agreement.


2 Should any provision of this Agreement be or become ineffective, this shall in no way affect the validity of the remaining provisions contained herein. The ineffective provision shall be replaced with a legally admissible provision which comes closest to fulfilling the aim and purpose of the ineffective provision.


Section 6: Place of Jurisdiction

Düsseldorf is agreed as place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising under this Agreement.


Section 7: Secrecy

The Client undertakes to refrain from storing, processing and/or divulging any of the data necessary to performing this Agreement without the consent of the person concerned.


Who is jet set promotion?

jet set promotion is an international Agency and exclusively specializes in the full ranges of trade fair services, events, and general presentation services. Our Agency has been successfully been engaged in Germany. for many years. World-wide we have more than 1800 customers and more than 15.000 faithful employees.


Our success stems from the perfect blend of expertise, spirit and partnership. This is provenby our satisfied employees and customers worldwide!


Whether event marketing or event service. Whether dinner, a trade fair appearance,conference or a company party or Promotion.

jet set promotion is your solution provider for your event.


Your jet set promotion Team

An overview of our services

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Messe Berlin Messe Dresden Messe Dortmund Messe Düsseldorf Messe Essen Messe Frankfurt Messe Hannover Messe Hamburg Messe Köln Messe Leipzig Messe München

What our customers say?

Thyssen Krupp

Thyssen Krupp

Thank you jetset for your support at The Metpack Essen. The hostesses were very friendly & professional. The team worked great and we were all verry happy with you.

Fuji Film

Fuji Film

After a disastrous experience with another agency last year, we commissioned this time JET SET PROMOTION and we were verry impressed with the hostesses. I would book this team again and again.



We have for a sampling Aktion Jet Set Promotion Agency engaged. The promoters were young, dynamic, and did a great job. We are happy to book again with you for further actions.



The first time we commissioned JET SET for a congress and we were very pleased with the service. The selection of the staff went smoothly and the team was harmonious and professional.

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